Q. What kind of meditation is Vipassana meditation?

A. Vipassana meditation is a meditation that Buddha developed when he attained spiritual enlightenment. It is a meditation method that removes the "foulness" of the mind and cleans it. In meditation, one continues to see the changes in his mind and body as it is, at the moment. Though, Vipassana meditation cannot be explained fully and precisely by words, so practice is essential. For more information, please click the button to access the "What is Vipassana Meditation" page.

Q. Is your purpose to spread Buddhism? Or are you trying to propagate a new religion?

A. The purpose is not to spread Buddhism or to spread new religions. Indeed, it is Buddha who discovered Vipassana Meditation. However, it does not mean that only Buddhists can carry out this method to eliminate mental foulness. It can be practiced and experienced by anyone who wants to get rid of mental impurity, regardless of his beliefs.

Our purpose is to help people to get rid of their own mental foulness and live their lives happily through meditation. We are trying to spread this around the world. For this purpose, we offer truth and vipassana in the meditation sessions.

Q. Aren't you going to sell weird goods or cards and request for bills later?

A. There are no such things. We operate with your donations only.

Q. Why does the meditation sessions run with donations?

A. The truths and meditation we are conveying in the meditation sessions are found by Buddha and have been transmitted since ancient times. From that time on, if people wished to purify their mind, they could equally learn and experience the teachings and meditation. This is why our meditation events run with donations only, so that everyone can receive them equally.

The purpose of Vipassana Meditation is to clean the mind. You need to eradicate greed in the process of cleaning up your mind. If you price the meditation, it becomes a tool of business. The purpose of business is to expand profits, and it always pertained to certain greed. That's why the purpose of Vipassana Meditation and business are contradictory.

The money you ought to pay is different from the money you pay voluntary. Also, donating helps you to develop the mind of mercy, reduce greed, and accumulate virtues.

The donations received from all of you will be used for transportation expenses and holding meditation sessions, as well as for meditation camps in Thailand and the establishment of future meditation centers in Japan.

Q. What kind of corporation is Vipassana Bhavana General Incorporated Association?

A. A general incorporated association established to convey Vipassana to the world through meditation sessions. For more information, please click the button to access the "About Us" page.