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Vipassana Bhavana is a general incorporated association established to convey Vipassana meditation correctly all over the world to eliminate mental impurity and bring about the mind of peace. Our management consists of the donations from all of you.

Corporation Profile

Corporation name Vipassana Bhavana General
Incorporated Association
Corporation name
Tomohiro Fukuzawa
Office address 〒272-0023
Chiba Prefecture Ichikawa City
Minamihachiman 4-2-5

Misson statement

“Realizing Inner Peace for All”

What is the state of peace? According to the dictionary, it means "a state in which there is no war and the world is peaceful.

Recently, when I talk to people gathered at meditation meetings, I find that more and more people aren’t necessarily in a state of peace.

We are very much pained by the fact that even in our seemingly peaceful society, we are not always peaceful inside.
We want to create peace from within our hearts, not from the mended outer world. Inner peace can only be created in a pure and clean heart.

If everyone had such a pure and clean mind, we believe that peace could surround the whole wide world. We are working on this process every day to realize such a world that we all want to live in.

About logo

Vipassana Bhavana logo

The image of logo is a lotus flower floating on the surface of water and the ripples spreading from it.
The language of the lotus flower is pure and clean mind. Vipassana meditation can truly nurture a pure and clean mind. One person's pure and clean mind will spread to others like a ripple spreading from there. It is peace from within. We concentrated energy and thoughts in our logo.

Representative profile

Vipassana Bhavana General Incorporated Association
Representative Director Tomohiro Fukuzawa

Tomohiro Fukuzawa, representative director of Vipassana Bhavana Corporation

In his twenties, he began his search for truth, studying psychology, coaching, and capacity building, also experiencing various practices such as fasting, misogi (purification), Zen and meditation.

In the course of his studies, he met the great Thai monk Phra Chanchai and received direct instruction in Vipassana meditation. After his training, he became the first Japanese to be recognized as a meditation instructor. Since then, he has been on the path of being a meditation instructor.

Hoping to bring peace of mind to people around the world by teaching Vipassana meditation properly, he established Vipassana Bhavana General Incorporated Association and became its representative director.

He has taught meditation and provided life counseling to more than 1,000 people every year, and as a practitioner in his own home, he continues to share the wonder of Vipassana meditation by practicing daily to observe the five precepts, enhance The Five Powers, overcome The Five Hindrances, and live with selflessness.

Adviser introduction

Elder Pra Chan Chai
Elder Pra Chan Chai

Official Overseas Missionary of Buddhism in Thailand. He received meditation instruction from Grand Elder U Jatila at the Maharshi Meditation Center of Elder Maharshi Sayadaw, the Grand Elder of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar, where he attained the highest rank as a meditation teacher.

Since then, he has been teaching meditation for 26 years as a meditation master in Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, and other countries.

Recommendation by Elder Pra Chan Chai

Recommendation from Elder Pra Chan Chai
Mr. Fukuzawa is a rare person who has been engaged in various practices and meditations for more than 15 years in his search for the truth. After meeting me, he has continued to earnestly study and practice Vipassana and the truths taught by the Buddha.

Mr. Fukuzawa's attitude of not just believing in the teachings, but understanding them through his own experience, is exactly what the Buddha taught his disciples.

We are confident that Mr. Fukuzawa will be able to correctly convey the truth and Vipassana as taught by the Buddha to the people of Japan.

Phra Chan Chai

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